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La Banderita wind farm

Through Andesat Argentina, we provide Internet services in all of “La Banderita” wind farm in General Acha, La Pampa. We guarantee constant connectivity to the workers, in order to report to the regulatory agencies, the level of energy that the farm produces. The service is simultaneously monitored by our control center in Buenos Aires and […]



We develop connectivity solutions for fishing boats in all of Argentina’s Atlantic coast. We provide Internet and fixed telephony services through Autotracking antennas, in order to connect people and to monitor the fishing processes, bringing more control and safety to the fishing industry. Connectivity that defies limits Wi-fi services, fixed telephony, cold storage rooms monitoring […]


Andesat Spirit

We are a part of ANDESAT GROUP, a group of telecommunications and technological developments companies that provides satellite services in Chile, Ecuador, Perú and Argentina, with the most extensive coverage in the Andean region. A multidisciplinary team that backs and accompanies us.


Conectividad para desafiar los límites